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Thursday  –  May 28, 2015  

Conch in Butter Sauce            19.00

Roast Turkey       12.00

Italian Sausage Sub     12.00

Greek Salad    10.00

SOUP:  Chicken     5.00/10.00

Dinner:  Italian Sausage over Penne

Marinara   18.00

Shot Of Day :  Patron   4.50

WINE:   Montes Chardonnay   5.00

BEER:  VI Pale Tourist    3.50






First Place:  Trish Hardy

Second Place:  Lori Abbotts

Fourth Place:  Marleen Dykhuis


Look out Nationals We are Coming


The 2015 Princess Party will be on Sunday February 15th.  Get your curtsy on!!!!!

Sunday: July 6th 2014 SUNDAY from 9am till Noon

The combo Chili cook-off Bizarre Bazaar will be held this Sunday Interested vendors contact Betsy at 340.774.9347

Everyone else get ready for some great deals.