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For 6th year Betsy’s Bar chili Team wins Best of Show

Betsy’s Chili Team is gearing up for the 26th annual Chili Cook-Off! We don’t want to give up our theme to our competitors, so let’s just say we’ll be out of this world and over the top, as usual! The team has won the first place showmanship award for the last 5 years running and hopes to capture the prize once again this year. Last year, team member Trish Hardy also won the top V.I. chili, the first time the team qualified for the international competition in both chili and showmanship. Four team members traveled to Terlingua, Texas to compete. The “Hot Saucy Wenches” were able to pack their 14-foot long pirate ship into one suitcase! Trish made the top 75 in chili (out of more than 400) and the team walked away with the 2nd place small show award (teams of 4 or less). This is the highest award ever won at Terlingua by a V.I. team. The trophy is proudly displayed behind the bar.

If you are handy with a hot glue gun, spray paint can or a hammer, we could use your help in our booth preparations. We will meet the next two Sundays from 11 a.m. until about 5 p.m. So far we have costumes completed for about 25 people and will tackle the major booth building this coming Sunday. At this point only 6 women and 1 guy have helped with this project and we could sure use an extra strong guy or two to help to with the building. Even if you can’t help on Sunday, be sure to show your support at the event. If you have a truck that we could use to haul things to the beach early the morning of the event, please call Lori at 474-0019.

Friday – September 1, 2017

Saltfish             14.00

Meatloaf            14.00

Chicken Parm Sandwich       12.00

Soup: Seafood Kallaloo       6.00/11.00

Surf n Turf        26.00

Greek Salad     11.00

SHOT: Jameson            3.50

BEER: Cans of Coors               2.00

Wine: Mondavi Merlot        5.00